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The Vampire's Memories

Type: Kinetic Visual Novel
Genre: Drama, Supernatural
Themes: Vampires, Halloween
Length: ~800 lines


Change is hard. It doesn't come easily. Nobody knows that better than Melanie. From a young age, she has always been shy and awkward. She struggles to express herself, and often speaks words that contradict her feelings. She unintentionally drives people away from her, and is convinced that she will be this way forever.

On a fine October day, Melanie gets invited to a Halloween party. She hopes that she will be able to make friends at the party, but fate has another plan for her. On the night of the party, she loses her way and wanders into an abandoned house. There, she has an encounter with a vampire that changes her life forever...

Note: This is based on my short video of the same name, but with a different ending and other minor differences.